About Green Genie

Who we are

Established in 2010, Our mission was to provide solutions to change the way in which residential and commercial waste generators deal with food waste. Food waste is a valuable resource which can be utilised to enrich soil that will enable us to grow food without the need for chemical fertilisers. Most landfill sites in South Africa are running out of capacity with many already closed. By distributing Green Genie residential composters as well as the world’s leading in-vessel composters from Joraform in Sweden, Green Genie hopes to significantly impact the reduction of waste to landfill. Since 2010 we have sold more than 40,000 home composters and over 500 Joraform commercial food composters at some of South Africa’s leading corporations from banks to shopping centres. We also have several Joraform installations throughout Africa including Mozambique, Tanzania, St Helena Island, Seychelles, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana. Together we can make a difference, let us help you find the right solution.

About Joraform Sweden

Represented by Green Genie waste solutions, The authorised Africa distributor. Joraform was established in Sweden in 1990 and have since become the market leader in providing in vessel composting technology for both residential and commercial applications. Machine range from small domestic units processing 125kg pm to a staggering 12-15 ton machines. Joraform have representation in 42 countries, with Africa becoming the fastest growing market..

Our Vision

It is our desire to see every household and business in South Africa turn all their food waste into compost.