Composting Guide

Composting Guide

Home composting is easy!  Follow the step by step instructions below, and let Mother Nature convert your organic kitchen and garden waste into rich organic compost.

1. Positioning your bin

Ideally your Green Genie bin should be positioned in shade on grass or soil. Placing your bin in the shade will ensure your Green Genie gets maximum lifespan. Putting the Green Genie on grass or soil ensures the essential microbes, worms and insects can easily gain access to the bin, these microbes are essential to breaking down the contents and speeding up the decomposition.

2. Collect Ingredients

Keep a 2l ice cream tub or similar container where you prepare food. Your peelings and scrapings go in there until its filled up which requires a trip outside to empty the contents into  your Green Genie.

3. Fill the Bin

Did You know that approx 50% of all your household waste can be turned into compost? imagine the impact on landfill if every home made their own compost!!

4. Let it mature

The secret to good compost is a variety of organic matter in a damp, dark setting left to allow nature’s microbes and specialist decomposers to do their own good work undisturbed. Dont overload with one particuliar substance ie too many leaves will dry out the compost.

5. Use the compost

Slide the door open and remove the compost from the bottom of the bin using a spade or fork, and add it to your flower beds, lawn or veggie garden.