Frequently Asked Questions

Jane, JHB Excessive fruit flies in the bin

Fruit flies are important for the decomposition to begin and generally are attracted to fresh fruit recently put into the Green Genie. They are contained within the Green Genie however if you find they are a nuisance they put a layer of soil over the top of the fruit. Alternatively put in some grass cuttings. The fruit flies tend to reduce as the waste decomposes and are only generally attracted to fresh produce at the intial stages.

Should i break the waste into smaller pieces before putting into the Green Genie

I recommend putting all your waste into a container in the kitchen. The smaller the pieces the faster the contents will decompose in the Green Genie. Fill your container with water to about the quarter level, this will help moisten the contents and start the process of decomposing faster. Tear paper into small strips, break egg boxes into smaller pieces and soak in water first. Break open tea bags and empty contents into container. Crush egg shells.

Maintaining your bin

We recommend using compost accelerator (available from nurseries) at the start and every so often thereafter. Also a sprinkling of lime fairly frequently to keep it ‘sweet’ . Keep a check on your compost’s wet/dry  composition.  If  it’s too wet then throw shredded leaves into the bin periodically. If  it’s too dry sprinkle water.The consistency you want is moist but not wet.

Do not wet the contents of your bin or pour more than a sprinkling of water. A quick spray one a week or so in summer is all that’s required.  Don’t fork it over or compact it down. Just let it build up layer by layer.  Try to keep the layers even in terms of wettish and dry matter. The secret to good compost is a variety of organic matter in a damp, dark setting left to allow nature’s microbes and specialist decomposers to do their own good work undisturbed.

Use a small spade, rake , trowel or stick to keep the contents level

After a few months, slide out the small door at the bottom and remove your compost .

Your feedback please!

Let us know how the Green Genie is working – or not working – for you. Your comments, hints and suggestions are all helpful so we can improve and share what does work best, with everyone.

Using your compost

Using compost around the garden

On flowerbeds

  • To enrich new borders
  • As mulch
  • Around trees
  • Pot plants
  • Vegetable and herb garden
  • Lawn dressing

What you can compost

  • Onions and citrus – Composting breaks down these over time and is a great source of nutrients
  • Eggs – Good  to crush these first.
  • Dog poo – this can go in but don’t overdo it.  If you are a bit squeamish about this, a good way to deal with dog pooh is dig a deep narrow hole and deposit them there then cover the hole with soil. Landfill’s are full of plastic bags containing dog poo.